Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Extended Systems
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SAP backup causes the network card to hang

SAP backup causes the network card to hang

When we use Brightstor to backup SAP off of our blade servers we run into an issue where the network card becomes busy and refuses any type of network connection including a ping. I can log in through ILO and se that the network card is still active and the local interface is pingable, just not any remote IP.

This only occurs when backing up the /usr/sap directory. It happens on multiple servers and multiple balde types but mostly on the development/QAS/Production ECC and BI servers.

We are using the latest release of Brightstor and all of the latest HP bl25p and BL685C drivers to no avail. The servers are running Windows 2003 64-bit with SP2 (also happened on SP1).

Any ideas on what I can do to troubleshoot/resolve the issue? Anyone see this before?

Thanks much!