Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Extended Systems
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Unreadable Disk - Disk Management - DL380 G6 Cluster

Joseph Mancera
Occasional Contributor

Unreadable Disk - Disk Management - DL380 G6 Cluster

Hi guys,

I found two of my LUNS as unreadable disk as I viewed it in the Disk Management...

Here's some data.. we have msa2324fc dual controller connected to 2 DL380 G6.. we have presented and mapped about 7 LUNS for both servers... As of now both servers can see all those LUNS. Still those LUNS were not yet formatted some of them were still unallocated for both servers.

Then 2 of my LUNS were formatted as basic type and NTFS this is for Server A. Then when we access Server B, those 2 LUNS that was formatted for Server A were noted as Unreadable disk.

Hope somebody can explain to me why thus these LUNS were unreadable. Thanks