Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Extended Systems
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Windows 2003 Cluster with MPIO and MSA2000


Windows 2003 Cluster with MPIO and MSA2000

I have problems with Windows 2003 cluster. DL380 G5 + MSA2012fc + MPIO.
Some times, after reboot, Windows don´t find the quorum and data disks.
MPIO is configured by default with Round robin with subset but, as MPIO release notes says:

popular clustering software (including MSCS and VCS) currently use SCSI-2 reservations
When the MPIO DSM is used with a standard cluster software (MSCS) setup uses SCSI-2 reservations, the DSM will choose DSM_LB_FAILOVER automatically and no dynamic load balancing is applied. Dynamic load balancing among multiple paths can only be achieved in cluster configurations when the cluster application supports SCSI-3 persistent reservations.

I use
Must I change MPIO to failover?