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Windows 2003 X64 on DL380G5 + P800 controller and MSA60

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Windows 2003 X64 on DL380G5 + P800 controller and MSA60

Hi all,

we work with a DL380G5 , where the 2 controllers consists of P400 and P800 controller. The P400 usus the internal drive bays and the P800 is connected with a SAS/SATA cable to the MSA60 which contains 300GB SAS 15K disks. One RAID10 with 9 disks (1 is hotspare) and a JBOD with 3 disks. My Question:

Is it possible to delete logical 2 (JBOD) and to expand the existing RAID10 on the spot - does Windows 2003 X64 handle this without loss of data ?

With kind regards,


Re: Windows 2003 X64 on DL380G5 + P800 controller and MSA60

Hi Potterkop,

Yes this is very much possible as this is h/w raid.

However, would suggest you to take a complete backup as a best practice before deleting the logical drive.

please clarify:
P800 is connected to MSA60 with 300 GB hard drives and both the logical drives are configured under the same Array on the same controller with MSA60.. is that correct?

what is the raid level on logical drive 2?
Raid 10 is not possible with 9 drives it should always be equal no of pair so please clarify.
what data/information you have on logical drive 2 which is configured on the same MSA60..?
are all the hard drives of the same capacity?

solution..based on ur answer:
If both the logical drives are configured on external MSA60 under the same Array and logical drive 2 does not contain any data or information or you are OK to loose what ever is there on logical drive 2 then you can delete logical drive 2 from ACU. hdd space would be automatically available for you to exend the existing logical drive.
Please note : it will not extend the OS partitions, you may have to use third party utility to extend the existing OS partition or assign another drive letter to an added space with the OS.

please refer to Array expansion and logical drive extension in Array configuration guide for more clarification

hope this helps,

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