Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Extended Systems
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Windows 2003 x64 Scripted Build

Dominic W. Chan
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Windows 2003 x64 Scripted Build

I am running into a problem with windows 2003 x64 scripted build. In the past, we have a boot cd perform the following

1. Lay out a 18G primary partition on the C: drive on the server
2. A set of question, like which hardware driver / answer file to use.
3. Base on the answer, it will then copy the entire i386 folder (copy right off the CD) to C:\Sysmgt folder we created on the hard drive
4. It then copy some additional driver to C:\Sysmgt\i386\$oem$\textmode folder
5. then lastly, it run "C:\SYSMGT\i386\winnt /s:C:\sysmgt\i386 /u:c:\sysmgt\temp\lzunattd.txt"

The problem I am facing is that

1. There is no winnt.exe on the x64 bit os, so I just copy the one from my x86 version and hope it works, it didn't

2. Now there is 2 source folder (i386 and amd64). I copy them both (untouch) to the same location C:\Sysmgt. For example

But that still didn't work, during the text setup phrase, it keep asking me for numerous files (i.e. disk1). Does any one have any feedback on this? For example, can I still the winnt.exe from my normal x86 CD to kick of the text portion of the install for x64 build? Do i leave the 2 source folder (i386 and AMD64) separate on my C Drive, or do I need to combine them? Any help with be strongly appreciated?

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Re: Windows 2003 x64 Scripted Build

I had a smililar issue ... I ended up building a scripted 64-bit PE based build.

If you are still having problems ... reply to this and I can let you know how this was accomplished.
Torsten Boll
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Re: Windows 2003 x64 Scripted Build


and how have you build this kit? Can you send me some informations, please?

kind regards
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Re: Windows 2003 x64 Scripted Build

Get latest OPK from MS (dated March 2005 I think)

I used information in the help file to create this method and script.

Copy WINPE dir from that CD to working directory

Copy all files and folders from x64 Enterprise CD (I used the folder name 2003r2x64)
(I removed the language support files to shrink the size of this directory)

I used SBI (Server Base Install) as the root of my working dir, So dir structure looks like this:


I created a "Make PE" command script called DO_ALL.CMD and placed it in E:\SBI\WINPE_2003R2X64 dir
I have attached this file %variables% dictate the folders used and .ISO labels and filenames ... it is fairly straightforward

I also have a README.TXT in E:\SBI\WINPE_2003R2X64 that describes the contents of the CD.

The STARTNET.CMD that gets created on the PE uses a floppy drive (A:) to get all its information (you could customize to connect to share)

Our environment does not have network connectivity at the time of build (and we wanted no prompting for server name
Neal Bowman
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Re: Windows 2003 x64 Scripted Build

WINNT32.EXE does exist in the AMD64 folder. Unless you modify the TXTSETUP.SIF, you will need to move both i386 and AMD64 to the root of C:.

You should then be able to run "C:\AMD64\WINNT32.EXE /S:C:\AMD64 /U:C:\SYSMGT\TEMP\LZUNATTD.TXT".

Hope this helps,
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Re: Windows 2003 x64 Scripted Build

how do you launch winn32 command when dos command is not supported for 64bit platforms, see this article: