Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Extended Systems
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soft NUMA reg entries don't match SQL log

Kevin Haggerty
Occasional Contributor

soft NUMA reg entries don't match SQL log

On an 8-way rx7620 box with 2 hard NUMA nodes, I have two SQL instances, each using four CPUs.

Within one of the instances, I want to use soft NUMA to break the 4 CPUs into 2 nodes (I will assign TCP ports to the soft nodes, eventually).

But when SQL starts, the log entries for the nodes doesn't match the registry settings - in fact they are reversed.

So in the registry, I have Node0 set to 0xC0 (decimal 192, or logical CPUs 6&7) and Node1 set to 0x30 (decimal 48, or CPUs 4&5).

However, when this instance starts, the SQL log says Node 0 has a mask of 0x30 and Node 1 has a mask of 0xC0 - just the reverse of the registry.

What am I missing? This is SQL 9.00.3033