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Where to get SBS 2003 R1 ?

Occasional Contributor

Where to get SBS 2003 R1 ?

Hi all,

I'm in a search for the SBS 2003 R1 ISO's that were delivered with the Proliant ML110 G2.

I have searched, even bittorent and am not able to find the R1 release where HP cannot deliver this and Microsoft doesn't even know where to look.

Can someone help me with these ISO's ?

Thanks in advance.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Where to get SBS 2003 R1 ?

Since that is a licensed software product, it's unlikely to be easy to find on the web. Having said that, I would expect that if you can demonstrate that you have purchased/are a legal owner of the software that you would be able to get replacement media from one of the two sources you've already tried. Do you have a receipt showing you purchased SBS and are you in possession of a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) historically located on the package that SBS came in but, if sold with a system, may be stuck on that system somewhere. Armed with one of those and preferably both, you should be able to get someone at HP or Microsoft to listen to your plea and provide replacement media.

You may be doing yourself a disservice by referring to it as "R1" and asking for an ISO. Try referring to it as SBS 2003 and request replacement media for media that was lost or simply never provided by HP. You can always create an ISO file from the media once you have it.

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Try here:
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Gary J. Porter
Occasional Contributor

Re: Where to get SBS 2003 R1 ?

Good afternoon,

I was trying to recover two sets of media for a customer, one HP specific and the other generic SBS 2003. Please don't ask me why, I took over an IT support contract and things were 'strange' in many areas....

Spoke at length to various people on the MS support lines and they basically said forget it we do not stock that media any more, you need to upgrade.

They did have an R2 release so I bought the media for that just to have it in stock for next time. Only £16 so not really a major expense.

Sent a support request into HP and over a month later have not received any response. Though that seems to be par for the course and I need to get around to giving them a ring as they never seem to respond to support request!

Anyone have any luck with HP?