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Windows Server 2012
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Starting again > 2012 install

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Starting again > 2012 install



I originally was going for 2008R2, so used provisioning and ISO on USB but the limitations of NFTS meant I couldn't utilise all the space as one partition.


Think I need to start again, I have a DL380 G8 with 6x2TB and RAID6 - I need to install 2012R2 with the following partition setup. 200GB C: (OS and Apps), the rest allocated to D: as one large partition


I now have 2012 installed (couldn't use provisioning because ISO is larger than 4g fat32 limit so booted straight of USB to install 2012R2), but have a 100mb, 200gb OS, 1.5tb which I can create a partation and a 5tb that won't let me do anything with it.


When I try to use diskpart, it shows one disk which I cannot convert because it has a pagefile.


Any pointers?






Re: Starting again > 2012 install

Sorted this in the end,


Used the array utility to delete and create 1 x 200gb and 1 x 7.04tb


Installed 2012R2