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Installation of HP9000 containers


Installation of HP9000 containers

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I have problem with installation of HP9000 containers.

I have install everything by HP9000_Containers_Admin_Guide.pdf:


And I have get until chapter 2.4: Installing HP 9000 Containers

In which is:

$ swinstall –s <HP9KContainers depot path> \*
$ swverify HP9KContainers


But in my installation depot , there is no HP9KContainers?????


And when I try to create SRP environment, I get this:


root@host1:/ # srp -add host2 -t hp9000sys

Invalid template name 'hp9000sys'.
Available templates are: base, system, sshd, apache, oracledb, tomcat, custom



There is no hp9000sys, so question where can I found installation for HP9KContainers?





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Re: Installation of HP9000 containers

The latest documentation applies to latest/corresponding product version of HP 9000 Containers product. It appears that you are using HP 9000 Containrers product version prior to A.03.01.01. The product packaging was changed for A.03.01.01. This is why you don't find HP9KContainers being installed


It seems that you are using HP 9000 Containrs v1 product (A.01.06). hp9000sys and hp9000cl templates are available starting with A.03.00 version of HP 9000 Containers.





Re: Installation of HP9000 containers

Hi Birra,




You can post the same in HPUX Community as you will get more response:


Community Home> Operating Systems > HP-UX > Workload/Resource Management




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Re: Installation of HP9000 containers

Hi Rajesh,


thanks for answer , but it is version v.03.01.01:

root@host1:/ # swlist|grep -i HP-UX-SRP
  HP-UX-SRP                     A.03.01.001    HP-UX Secure Resource Partition

I have download really v.03.01.01 : HP-UX-SRP_A.03.01.001_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA_PA.depot


So I think that I really have v.03.01.01.




Re: Installation of HP9000 containers


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Re: Installation of HP9000 containers

You will need to install and download the HP9000 software from this URL:


...choose the 03.01.01 version.