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iCAP Issue on non-iCAP environment

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iCAP Issue on non-iCAP environment


   We received an rx8640 server from a vendor.  It was described as a "refurb/off-lease" unit.  We received it with a couple of nPars already built and since the configuration was in-line with what we wanted, I just left that alone.  HP-UX 11.23 was installed and everything was OK until I started getting emails to root about Instant Capacity.


In brief:


This message is being sent to inform you that your Instant Capacity
complex (containing the partition aki-12) is in an exception state based on
the following detected exceptions:

        More cells active than expected
        More memory active than expected
        More cores active than expected

This system is out of compliance with the Instant Capacity contract.  The
listed exceptions must be corrected as soon as possible.



We do not run iCAP.  We paid full price for the hardware and CPU's.  I suspect that this complex was in an environment that was using iCAP and wasnt properly "deregistered" or whatever you would call it.


Is this an issue I take up with the vendor or HP?  Do I really lose these resources in less than 2 weeks?  As we dont run iCAP I really dont have any experience with it so not sure what it will take to resolve this.



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Re: iCAP Issue on non-iCAP environment

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I would contact both... the vendor may not have even been aware that the system had iCAP if they didn't check when they bought it, so I guess you have to give them a chance to attempt to correct that. Ultimately you and the vendor are going to have to contact HP though, as the system cannot be brought back into compliance without applying a codeword to it. If you have the system serial number, you should be able to find out what HP "think" the system should have - go to where you can register for an account (no $$$s required or obligation) - you can then click on "Get iCAP order details" and select to search by serial number to throw up a history of what was iCAP on this system. Compare that to the output of icapstatus/icod_stat on your system (command depends om version of iCAP software installed)


However, I would start documenting everything you do and make sure you have all your procurement documentation is in order as well, as I can easily see this turning messy - I doubt HP are going to hand out codewords for nothing, so if the systems truly are iCAP'd they will expect _someone_ to give them POs to activate additional processors...


It's a long time since I looked at them, but I believe the old iCAP Terms & Conditions that customers were required to sign when purchasing a system with iCAP specified that if the customer "sold on" a system with iCAP, they would have to get the express written consent of HP, and would have to "buy out" any iCAP on the system before selling on (this is effectively because the iCAP CPUs/cell boards in a system remain the property of HP, not the customer). Of course thats just my recollection and ceratinly not a legal opinion! Anyway if you or the vendor do contact HP, you should ask to see a copy of the iCAP contract exhibit (usually known as contract exhibit E140 if it hasn't changed).


Good luck Bob, I suspect you have a few challenges ahead...


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Re: iCAP Issue on non-iCAP environment

Thanks for the info Duncan. We have postponed deployment for obvious reasons. I guess we shall see what happens here.

thanks again!

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