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Business copy configuration issue.

Rajeev Tyagi
Valued Contributor

Business copy configuration issue.

HP recently allocated new LUNS from XP-512 array to V2200 server running HPUX 11i. But it seems PORT# TARGET# and LUN# are repeated again. Does anyone know how to create entry in horcom.conf file for newly added disk if port, Target and LUN numbers are repeated.

Eg :-
Device File ---> Port Scsi Lun CU:Ldev Serial# Type Size
/dev/rdsk/c12t0d1 : CL1A 0 1 0:00 00030506 OPEN-8 7175520 Kbytes
/dev/rdsk/c25t0d1 : CL1A 0 1 0:a5 00030506 OPEN-8 7175520 Kbytes

Following is entry in HORCM configuration file for /dev/rdsk/c12t0d1 how do I add for /dev/rdsk/c25t0d1?

#dev_group dev_name port# TargetID LU# MU#
bcdb bcdb01 CL1-A 0 1