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Service gaurd testing on SAN (XP1024, EMC etc)

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Service gaurd testing on SAN (XP1024, EMC etc)

Hi experts
I have been tasked to test M/C service gaurd on SAN, like XP 1024, EMC etc

So my task would involve testing the SAN product with M/C service gaurd, prepare a test strategy to see if its failing over etc. I have experience with service gaurd but dont have any testing experience in SAN ie breaking the product, load and performance testing etc.

Is there a way to automate the tests for service gaurd like fail over etc? What should be my approach?
If any one has some notes or pointers for the service gaurd testing on the SAN and can post it here would be great.

Any ideas or suggestion about the steps methodolgy etc, I would really appreciate it.


Re: Service gaurd testing on SAN (XP1024, EMC etc)

I am jotting down the points which I can think right now. You should have all this ready before doing the testing.

First of all for the cluster testing you need to have things verified.

1. Heartbeat network redundancy
2. stationary IP should have a standby lan
3. Packages failover enabled.
4. Proper patches for MC Service guard

You also need to verify that all the volume groups have redundancy, I mean both the dual paths. You can verify this using vgdisplay -v and see if the disks show alternate path.

On the XP Box, You need to check if the luns are available on atleast 2 ports. You can verify this using 'xpinfo -i' command.

For EMC Box verify the two paths using syminq command.

On the SAN Switchs, gather the switch show output. Prepare the SAN Diagram before the activity which will show the Port Connectivities between the XP, SAN Switches and the server HBA..

On the Packages level before testing the failover verify that autorun is enabled.
if its not, than you can do it using cmmodpkg -e . This will ensure that the packages are getting failover properly to the failover node.

Normally for doing these type of testings you should also have a word with the HP Engineers you have done the setup as they can give you more information about your setup and how to test it.

Hope this helps you for preparing yourself for testing
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Re: Service gaurd testing on SAN (XP1024, EMC etc)

Hi Manmohan
Thnks for the ideas. Infact we are a storage company called 3par.com competitors to EMC, Hitachi etc. My task is to get the service gaurd tested with the 3par SAN.

Its not for the certification from HP or anything but for our internal certification, we will be going for the certification from HP at a later point of time. All the ideas that you gave awesome!!!!. All Im interested is in the compatability testing of the service gaurd with the SAN( from 3par called INSERV).

Please also let me know if the testing process can be automated etc? And any other ideas, that can be added to your existing ones.

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Re: Service gaurd testing on SAN (XP1024, EMC etc)

I came across your forum since I am interested in 3par products. I am actively following 3par and have knowledge about the products namely thin provisioning and other snap shot products. I am also familiar with E200. Please let me know if you are still active in the forums..will need your help on few questions.