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XP 512 - Power requirements

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XP 512 - Power requirements

I have a couple of questions:
1. I had wrote site preparation for XP 512 instalation and find the follow:
Input(Vac) FirstDKU/DKC Each Additional DKU
208 25.0 A(9.0)kVA 15.0 (5.4kVA)
400 16.3 A(11.3kVA 9.9 A (6.9kVA)
What does it mean?
What is the power (kVA) for one DKC?
What is the power (kVA) for one DKU with full disks?
I want to connect DKC/DKU to three- phaze 380V/50hz, line voltage with UPS. What should be the UPS's power (kVA)?
Paul Barmettler
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Re: XP 512 - Power requirements

Hello Marian,

as our documents for 3-phase 380V you will need 3.0 kVA for the XP with 1 DKU and 5.5 kVA with 2 DKU's.