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CIFS documentation (more on loss of

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CIFS documentation (more on loss of

Rather than hijacking someone else's thread, I thought I'd post my own trials in trying to use the replacement for

I'm looking for CIFS documentation for HP-UX. In the past I'd head to, but that redirects me to for 11.23 info.

While scanning down the page, I'm amused to see that the "Getting Started" section has around 100 hyperlinks in it, and the the first seven are for seven different versions of Distributed Systems Administration Utilities (DSAU). Thank Heavens I'm not a beginner: I'd be someone daunted by the suggestion that I might need to read DSAU to get started with 11.23.

Giving up with scanning down the page for CIFS, I try searching for CIFS and samba using my browser's search functionality. There are zero occurrences of CIFS and/or samba on the page. :(

I know there are some CIFS documents somewhere, because I used to read them on the website. So, I reluctantly scroll up to the top of the page and search for CIFS in the entire business site. :(

Much better: 537 documents sorted by date. Hmm, this looks like an interesting document: "Setting Up CIFS Server (Samba) in an LDAP" with a date of 7-mar-2010. Someone must be creating some new white papers. Opening it,however, I see that its sole copyright date is 2000. (Am I correct in thinking that that means that the document hasn't been modified since then?) So, the date associated with the documents has no meaning. (In fact, in other searches, I've come across documents dated with the year 1980.)

Let's try a different approach: use the 'docs custom search has been turned off' search page: Praise the Lord! I finally found the CIFS documents on

I'm thinking very evil thoughts right now towards the people responsible for moving to the bizsupport website: you've made the live of an HP customer much more difficult.

Put another way, HP's Standards of Business Conduct ( says that HP employees have a "Passion for Customers." And that you "provide quality products and services," and that you "remember productions and services delivered by HP stand for quality."

Sadly, I don't think that the new replacement for the website meets the SBC's quality requirements.

In sum, it *really* irks me that the information that I used to be able to find on the is no longer readily available.

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

Here's another example.

At, I look for CIFS information using the "I/O Cards and Networking Software" hyperlink, and follow that with the "HP-UX Networking Software" hyperlink, and then take the "HP-UX Common Internet File System (CIFS) Client/Server Software" hyperlink.

On the resulting page, the "Getting Started" section has release notes software released in the years 2002-2004 (but with a BSC date of feb-2010. (I was looking for Server release notes, but didn't find any :( )

In fact, on this page, the only documentation pertaining to CIFS Server talks about MS DFS. Where's the rest of the CIFS Server documentation?

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

One last reply and I'll shut up.

Here's an example of a fantastic display of documentation:

Note that each document is referenced only once; there aren't multiple hyperlinks for each version of the document. And if a document has been revised, there's a nice little, red 'Upgraded' note added to the document title. And there are both pdf and html versions of the documents.

Now, if I can only learn openVMS before the openVMS documents get moved over to BSC.
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

>Rather than hijacking someone else's thread

It seems like this is different enough.

Do you remember how you got to it before off of Was it with HP-UX?

If you use google for "HP CIFS", the only hits are in, not the new BSC.

>HP employees have a "Passion for Customers."

I sure tried to let them know my concerns.

I'll pass your comments on.

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

Yes, I always found the CIFS information by looking at the HP-UX documentation on
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

It appears this is now in the I/O Cards and Networking Software section here:

I found this by going to the CIFS area via

And then I went to the additional information link. Definitely not straightforward, but there it is.

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

I saw the route to CIFS documentation on the BSC site via "I/O Cards and Networking Software", but that documentation listing is incomplete. For example, there is scant documentation on the CIFS server.

Dennis' suggestion to have google search for CIFS server documents is right on, eg, " +CIFS +server". I hope that those documents continue to exist on the website, even if I do have to use google to find them.

Here's another example of someone not doing due diligence: I was originally looking for the server release notes. I see on the software depot site for CIFS ( that A.02.03.05 is now noted. The reader is told to go to to read the release notes for CIFS server 3.0m. However, there are no release notes for any of the CIFS server version included on the BSC CIFS page (

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

>I saw the route to CIFS documentation on the BSC site

Before or after Patrick's reply?

>Patrick: It appears this is now in the I/O Cards and Networking Software section here:

Hmm, that kind of makes sense.
But the intermediate page with only "I/O Cards" isn't helpful. It makes you think you're in the wrong place and you might give up too soon.

I'll pass this along too.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

>ME: But the intermediate page with only "I/O Cards" isn't helpful.

Never mind, I used the wrong link. But perhaps the two shouldn't be combined?

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

I had see the path to the CIFS client documentation via "I/O card ..." prior to Patrick's reply, as noted in my first reply to the base note of this discussion. ;)

As for combining the two, I think it makes sense to leave the two separate as one pertains to hardware and the other software.

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

I'll close this since Dennis has made things easier for me by suggesting that I search for the documents on the site using google.

Re: CIFS documentation (more on loss of

I found the following quite amusing. I was looking for information on an R class server. passed me on to BSC, where, following various links, I finally get to a list of documents with the usual sections "Getting Started", "Setup and Install", ...

In the "Getting Started" section for the R class server is one book, entitled "CIFS/9000 Client Release Note, June 2002."

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw CIFS pop up.

There are no documents on R class servers in the BSC list of manuals for R class servers. Fortunately, a google search of wins out. (I wonder if I can wget all the docs off of before they disappear ... )