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Forums Improvement Thread

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Re: Forums Improvement Thread

Bigger text input boxes.

RSS feeds for forums, threads and users.

An AJAX path into the ITRC forums, or analogous.

A configuration button or Firefox Greasemonkey script or Safari extension to entirely disable points and hats.

A mechanism (mail notifications, RSS, etc) to enable automatic tracking of postings and replies from specific posters, and an equivalent negation of this filter; a way to disable all viewing of questions and replies from specific posters.
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Re: Forums Improvement Thread

>Hoff: Bigger text input boxes.


Have you seen the CS and the new BSC forums?
The latter is probably the direction the ITRC forum is going.
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Re: Forums Improvement Thread

The Lithium-based forums? Yes; a step up from ITRC.

The Lithium package appears to have RSS, which would make BSC an improvement over ITRC.

And if BSC can shut off the points-noise, and filter threads and replies in and out, all the better.

For a different comparison and for an idea of what the kids are using recently, go try Stack Overflow, or 37Signals, or other recent packages. (Comparisons which can tend to make Lithium look a little dated.)

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Re: Forums Improvement Thread

Some exciting recommendations. I think that the message board is excellent as it is, but enhancements would be very welcome in my view.