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HP Validation

Dave Cummings_1
Valued Contributor

HP Validation

Not one about the forums, but ...

I wonder if anyone case solve / advise me on something....

I have several (10+) machines on HP support packs, everytime I ring up I get the "Your machine is out of Warranty" statement and I then have to tell the call centre person that they are in fact wrong and here is the support pack details, the support call is then passed to the Validation team.

Once or twice I can understand, but EVERYTIME I call, I get the same thing, every time on every printer.

This does however mean that our paid for warranties (NDOS 8 hour response), are now dropped to 16 or even in some cases 24 hour reponses. (office hours @ 8 hour per day)

For instance I have an active call at the minute, i called yesterday, and guess what...... yes the was passed to validation. I have been told today that the printer is in fact under warranty and they will send an engineer in the next few days. I requested that they send me the part and they are doing so, I will fit it myself.

Has anyone else had problems like this or is it just me? I am only asking as my boss is getting concerned!
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Validation


First, we don't carry support paks here or any printers under support...only servers. That being said....

I would suggest contacting your local sales or contract rep. to get this fixed. You're obviously not getting what you paid for. It sounds like your contract information hasn't made it to the application being used when calling in for support. HP needs to push that information to the DB. Until they get it fixed, you should be able to tell support what your support contract parameters are and that you expect them to be honored. They should log the case as such and have someone follow up with you after the fact to verify your contract.

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Validation

Hi Dave,

I'm not sure if this site applies to printers, but its a good way to check out your entitlements:

You might find that you get better response if you log a call online via ITRC rather than on the phone. In that situation you can link all of your support contracts CarePacks etc. to your login, so there shouldn't be any need to pass things out to validation...

Hope this helps,