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ITRC forums transition & read-only phase - starts on June 20th

Neighborhood Admin

ITRC forums transition & read-only phase - starts on June 20th

As the transition to the new HP Enterprise Business nears, we wanted to share a few additional specific details with our community regarding the schedule.

* The current ITRC forums will be placed in a "read-only" mode starting on Monday, June 20th at 3:30am PDT/6:30am EDT (9:30am GMT). Once the forums enter this read-only mode, users will still be able to read/search/navigate forums content, but no new posts or discussions will be allowed. This is necessary to start the transition (which will include the migration of all historical ITRC discussions) of the ITRC community into the new environment.

* The ITRC support portal will transition to the new HP Support Center ( on Sunday, June 26th. At the same time, the new HP Enterprise Business community will be fully available, including all migrated content from the ITRC forums.

* The new HP Support Center, as well as the new forums, will require users to use HP Passport accounts for authentication. Please read this thread - - for additional information regarding that transition and how your past contributions will be associated with an HP Passport account in the new community.

Thanks for your patience while we complete this exciting transition - we look forward to "seeing" everyone in the new community site soon!
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