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Your Questions Regarding Legacy ITRC Forums
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Is this the end ITRC Forums ?

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Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Is this the end ITRC Forums ?

The ITRC forums will continue to exist until mid-2011 at which time they will migrate into the new HP Software Solutions Community. We strongly encourage you to initiate new discussions via the HP Software Solutions Community now given the advance functionality that the Community encompasses.

This will be a huge bummer if this mirrors the migration of to the biz support site.

Great sadness of this loss will be had by one and all.
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Is this the end ITRC Forums ?

I'm not sure if this is only for the Mgmt software forums? Only those forums have that suggestion to use HP Software Solutions Community.
A previous thread on this:
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: Is this the end ITRC Forums ?

whew.. I was scared.. I guess I will hold my breath until mid-2011..

Neighborhood Admin

Re: Is this the end ITRC Forums ?

Hi everyone - I realize I'm catching this thread a bit late, but I wanted to add some clarity as to what's going on here.

We are certainly NOT getting rid of our Enterprise Support community. We are very aware of the value that these forums provide to our customers, and how strong of a community you all have formed here over the years.

What IS happening is that we are finally updating the forums platform itself. When these forums were launched many years ago, they offered a lot of great features and capabilities for their time. However, over the years we haven't necessarily been able to "keep up with the times" with regards to adding additional functionality.

Fast forward a bit, and now HP is partnering with Lithium, a company that specializes in social media platforms and technologies. HP already has several of it's communities hosted via Lithium solutions, including the aforementioned HP Software Solutions Community. During 2011, we will be migrating the ITRC Enterprise Support community onto a Lithium platform as well. ALL of the historical discussions and content will be transferred over, so we won't lose any of the great legacy content/solutions/information - but with the new and updated platform, we'll be able to provide you with enhanced community features this current legacy solution has been lacking. Things like RSS feeds (in addition to email-based subscriptions), private messaging, better posting capabilities (formatting, links to images/videos, spell check, etc.) are just a few of the upgrades that be a part of that transition.

Even more exciting is the fact that as we move forward, post transition, we'll be able to QUICKLY add additional features and respond to what the community would like to have available - something we haven't been able to do during the past 5-6 years.

We're also already working on additional plans for 2011 to further enhance the layout/UI of our Lithium community sites - so what you might see today in the Business Support Forums or the HP Software Support community isn't necessarily the way things will look when this community is migrated later this year. We're working closely with Lithium to ensure our community platforms are not only rich in features, but easy to use and even more importantly - all about you, our users.

Hope that helps - please let me know if you have any additional questions!
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