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The search does not find my thread

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Catia Lavalle
Occasional Advisor

The search does not find my thread


I am new in the forum and last week I have opened a new thread in the. If I open my profile I see my thread listed under:
"My question(s) -> Questions or topics I have posted:" so the thread exists.
The problem is that if I do a search in the forum ( -> search) I do not find it!
I do not understand this can you help?

I mean if I do not find it even other people will not find it i.e. I will never get an answer, and I do really would need an answer.

You can test yourself. The thread title/subject is: "tcpdump and promiscuous mode" and I have posted it into the
IT resource center forums > HP-UX > networking


James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: The search does not find my thread

Hi Catia:

Welcome to the ITRC Forums!

Your thread is here:

Since you know that YOU are the author, you can find it easily in your ITRC profile:

I regret to say that the Forums internal search engine has always had problems. In fact:

Finding threads or searching for information is much easier and more reliable with Google. Specify the '' as the site for the search, like:

LVM search using "LVM" as the keyword.


Catia Lavalle
Occasional Advisor

Re: The search does not find my thread

OK, thanks a lot for your answer!

I was able to find my own topic from my profile, I was just really really irritated by the fact that I was not able to find it with a "normal" search, since normally a search machine does work! Anyway the trick with google works just fine. Just I think either HP should fix the search bug or should make public and known the fact that the search tool does not work. The sense of such a forum goes pretty much down if only insider know how to get info out of it!

Thanks a lot again.