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Warranty Lookup Page

Peter Shaw
Occasional Advisor

Warranty Lookup Page

Hi, Im searching for a page called the HP Warranty Database.

It allows Online warranty lookup by serial.

Ive found this one but its different and doesnt work

I had it but wiped my favourites (DOH!), the one im looking for worked with any HP product.

If you could save me hours more searching I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks for your help
Allan Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: Warranty Lookup Page

The URL you show should be the correct one - I just tried it and got to the HP warranty check screen. I also got to the same screen the "long way" (starting at the left)that I used just a few weeks ago to check on my recently acquired "gently used" iPAQ.

It appears that there has been a major change to the screen in the last few weeks - so it may be the same location you are used to, but it has a different interface and behaves differently. (The old one seemed a lot more straightforward as far as finding the product before entering the serial number.)