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is forums search working?

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John Kittel
Trusted Contributor

is forums search working?

When I search I get back a list of hits, but when I try to go to any of them I get page not found.

Is the forums search broken? Or is it my own problem? It used to work for me until recently and I am unaware of anything changing on my end.

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: is forums search working?

Hi John:

It's working for me. During the last week or so, the performance of the Forums has been less than stellar. There are quite a few reports of posting errors, etc., 404-errors, etc. My personal experience is that these there are multiple symptoms of an underlying problem.

I urge you to use the monthly performance and availablity thread that appears in this family to report issues:

That and a companion thread requesting moderator intervention are maintained constantly.


John Kittel
Trusted Contributor

Re: is forums search working?

Thanks James.

- John
John Kittel
Trusted Contributor

Re: is forums search working?

... still not sure where the problem is
Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Re: is forums search working?


As James said, the forums have been having issue the last week or so.

I have not seen them affecting the forums search though.

With the page not found error, I have been seeing that affect posts in the forums. If I get that and refresh the page, the page always loads correctly the 2nd time, so you might try that.

As James suggested, I'd also suggest that you follow his link and report this in the performance and availability thread.