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HP needs to get its act together.

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HP needs to get its act together.

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I never thought I would say this but HP is messing with their customers and support people. They need to get their act together. Whoever is running their web sites needs to be fired. Links do not work. Programs no longer work. It is like all they want to do is sell the product and if you can not get support from the web site well sorry about that. We are a support provider but no one can find us. Think this is a joke:

Try using the contact link and see how you find support! What a joke.



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Re: HP needs to get its act together.

David - I agree - that page is not very helpful in it's current state.  I checked around and was given the following response:


"This function will be down until the investigation & resolution is done, hopefully by end of next week."

I realize that's not much more information that what's currently displayed on the page, but wanted to let you know I had at least tried to find something out for you.  Obviously they know about the problem, so it's just a matter of how long it will take to get fixed.

I work for HPE.
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Re: HP needs to get its act together.

Thanks for checking. The last time it happened a couple of years ago it was down for about 4 months. Whoever is responsible does not realize the harm they do to hp's reputation and the hardships placed on current support providers. About 6 or 7 years ago HP decided to place difficult requirements on support providers to maintain their status. We had to sell a certain amount of hp products and also an unrealistic amount of hp care packs. Those that did not meet the requirements were removed from being hp authorized and each time they went to update the site it went down for various amounts of time. People who had issues and wanted service could not find any and support providers were left wondering why they were not getting any service calls. If it was a one time event I would chalk it up a mistake, but it constantly happens and the people in charge need to really look at this and take corrective action.These actions directly hurt HP and support providers.
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Re: HP needs to get its act together.

It is interesting that this particular website:


1) doesn't have any reference to Itanium or PA-RISC based servers

2) and still isn't working in 2011...


BTW, what did HP gain by annoying the customer base refusing to point all URLs to new locations? If you weren't going to do that, why don't you fix the old URLs in the postings to the new locations?


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Re: HP needs to get its act together.

The site is still down. I guess HP does not care about it customers or support providers. I have been informed they are investigating the situation. Has HP ever heard of customer service. Investigating. The new CEO should have her own investigation and fire the people responsible for sending customers to other vendors. If HP can not correct it locator database in a couple of days it does not speak well of their computer skills.