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A few forums enhancements and fixes

Angela Kendal
Valued Contributor

A few forums enhancements and fixes

Hi All,

This is to inform you that the following features have been deployed successfully in the Forum.

1. The Question Author's name will now be in the Reply Page window as a link back to their public profile
2. The daily email notification will have a closing parenthesis in the ITRC section, allowing the links to work in certain browsers.
3. The links in your public profile page will all be in correct order (most recent first).
4. The ranking of Categories on the home page and in the most active listing will be correct.
5. The "new message" button will be changed to "start new thread". Also, the "reply" button will appear to the far right within threads and separated from the "start new thread" button.
6. The printable version link will be active in the message preview pages.
7. Question authors will be able to "close" their threads in the event they find a solution or a community member posting a solution. This will keep the author from having to assign points to additional replies once a solution is posted.
8. The number of rated replies seen in their public profile will now be updated correctly in the event some of the replies are removed. Finally!

Hope these help your overall forums experience.

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