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Any experience for using this forum?

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Dave Chan_1
Occasional Visitor

Any experience for using this forum?

Hey guys,

I am a keen user of HP products for long. But I discovered this business forum only recently. Everytime when I encounter problems I will try to look for related threads here. I find it quite useful so I would like to engage more in it. Before that, can any one gives me some general comment about this forum, so that I can understand it more? Thanks...

1) Are most of the users "frequent users"? If you don't have a question to ask, will you still browse this forum? Do you visit here only when you have a question?

2) Are the answers you got satisfactory for you? Like, how many percent of anwsers you got everytime are really helpful for you?

3) How do you like and dislike about this forum? About the point award system?

I will appreciate to have any feed back, Thanks

Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: Any experience for using this forum?

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the forum & Thanks for your questions..

There was a survey carried out late last year by the Maastricht University which addressed all your questions, check out the results here:

Hope this helps,


Honored Contributor

Re: Any experience for using this forum?


I hadn't seen the survey that Gary posted but I can only second what it concludes. If you browse through the forums, you will find a core group of users who are regular contributors and are able to resolve other users' problems quickly (in most cases). Many of these contributors participate out of interest, as demonstrated by a high response:question ratio.

With regards to the point system. This tells you how it works: