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Attention - forum operators: search function broken!

Regular Advisor

Attention - forum operators: search function broken!

Whenever I do a search in this forum I am redirected to a page that asks me to update my user information and if I subsequently submit that page - since the data is all correct and up-to-date - I get an error that this link is obsolete and that I should update my links.
So: no more search... :-(

Forum operators: please fix the search function!

Valued Contributor

Re: Attention - forum operators: search function broken!

Log into the ITRC and select "my profile" from the left. There are two areas you need to check:
* view or modify contact information
* view or modify forums profile >> edit (tab)

Go through each one, update your information if anything has changed but even if you change nothing, hit submit at the bottom of each screen. This will update our servers with your information. We have you periodically update the information so that it is kept current.

When you find a broken link, please use the "contact hp" link at the top left of the screen. Report the address of where you were and what steps you took to get to the broken link.
"Downtime is a Crime."