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Biz Cust Group = Big Disappointment

Steven Lesser
Occasional Contributor

Biz Cust Group = Big Disappointment

My first experience with the Business Customer Discussion Groups was such a disappointment that I've lost confidence in it as a means of support.

Here are just some of the problems I experienced (the ones I can remember off the top of my head):

1. Frequent "Cannot find server or DNS Error" messages.

2. The board doesn't fit on my screen (at 1024 X 768).

3. No way to navigate to messages in a long thread after the first page.

4. Voting function doesn't work (no points get assigned.)

5. Can't read the latest message in a thread unless I view the page in an HTML editor.

And here are some of the problems I have with HP's web site:

1. Frequent "Cannot find server or DNS Error" messages.

2. Need to navigate through many links, and take several wrong turns, before ending up where you want to be.

3. Pages appear right-justified with no right margin, so words just about touch the monitor's bezel.

4. Many pages only print properly in Landscape mode.

As you can see, I'm not very impressed, and I'll try to avoid coming back to HP's web site if I can.

I received the same experience with two different computers: My home computer runs Win XP Home with a 17 inch monitor and a cable modem. My computer at work runs Win NT 4.0 SP6a with a 15 inch monitor and a T-1 connection. Both computers have all the latest drivers.
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Re: Biz Cust Group = Big Disappointment

Hi Steven,

First of all, I want to say that I'm sorry for the inconveniences you've experienced while visiting these Business Customer Discussion Groups. You give some great forum feedback in this post and I will certainly pass it along. I might be able to help with some of your points above, however:

We haven't had "cannot find server/DNS error" messages reported in the forum recently. This actually could partly be a function of your ISP or proxy server (if you're using one). Forum performance in the morning hours has been a problem recently, but this is exhibited as slowness rather than actual error messages.

My monitor also is set to 1024 X 768 and the forums fit (widthwise) even less than the actual screen size availability. You might play around with different settings as this will depend on your actual monitor size. The length of each thread is dependent on the number of responses and the length of the question and corresponding responses. Unfortunately, there is some lengthwise scrolling that needs to happen to view the whole thread.

On your third point, I will submit this as a forum enhancement request.

To assign points to a respondent, you must be the author of the thread (original poster). If you reply to an existing thread and wish to assign points, the function will not appear as you aren't the original author. The "assign points" option will appear next to each respondent's post, again only if you're the original author. Check again on this thread; since you're the author, you should see an "assign points" dropdown next to this response.

For your fifth point, I looked at a thread you had participated in and the URL that someone posted had an "=" at the end of it. I have deleted this and the thread appears fine now. This is a known issue with these forums and we fix these things as we run across them when moderating the forums.

Again, I apologize for your inconvenience but do hope the above helps some. I appreciate the time you took to post.

Take care,

Forum Manager
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Re: Biz Cust Group = Big Disappointment

I can sympathize with your problems with navigation of the support files, but I think the difficulties with the forums themselves are mainly due to unfamiliarity. My settings seem to be roughly the same as yours & they work fine for me, so it may just be a different format than you were expecting. I do wish the glitch of the "=" in URLs could be avoided since I've had the problem myself of posting a message a time or two with one inadvertently in one that killed the thread entirely. I use the forums regularly on 6 different machines (3 each at work & at home) & don't usually have much trouble except in cases involving recalcitrant URLs.

Don't give up -- the mods & programmers help as much as they can & they're usually quite responsive to problems. And the users themselves are such a rich resource that to me it makes anything short of a totaL system lock-up worth the trouble. :)

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V. Nyga
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Re: Biz Cust Group = Big Disappointment

Hi Steven,

to your point 4:
It's a known problem here, that with MS explorer you have to submit your (first) points (after login) twice. With Netscape there are less problems.
Try it.

And I'm very impressed about this site.
Ok - I'm more at the ITRC side than BCDG side.

Give it a second chance (and maybe try another browser?)

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Steven Lesser
Occasional Contributor

Re: Biz Cust Group = Big Disappointment

I almost didn't bother responding to your replies because I received so many "Cannot find server or DNS Error" messages. It took several tries just to log in!

I apologize if I sounded gruff in my original message. I just feel like...why should I have to put up with all these problems when the other vendor support forums to which I belong (Dell, Roxio and others) work pretty much flawlessly? It doesn't inspire me with a lot of confidence in HP/Compaq when it's so difficult to navigate a support forum.

I'm going to click the 'Submit' button now...hope it works.

Steven Lesser

Re: Biz Cust Group = Big Disappointment

I would have said that the DNS problem was with your ISP, but then MY connection to these forums got very slow. The problem, from my end, appears to be with the router at, as determined by tracert, pathing and Visual Route, which reported: Connections to HTTP port 80 on host '' [] are working, but ICMP packets are being blocked past network "" at hop 13. It is a HTTP server (running Microsoft-IIS/4.0).

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Re: Biz Cust Group = Big Disappointment

Brian, thanks for the info...I'll get this into the support team working on the performance issue.

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