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December forum success stories!

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December forum success stories!

Hi Everyone,

I would appreciate it if you posted the highlights and successes you've had while using these Business Customer Discussion Groups during December, 2002. This ongoing (monthly) thread tries to capture the successes of forums members. For example, have you:

1. Posted a question and received a key answer that solved your problem?

2. Viewed a message thread that another forum member posted that had a solution to a problem you were trying to solve?

3. Found these discussion groups to be of particular help in sharing information, exchanging best practices, or saving you time?

I'd really like to hear from everyone -- your circumstances, the issue(s), the outcome, who was of help, time saved, etc.!

If you have examples to share, please provide the URL of the thread if possible. Thanks in advance for your input!

Best Regards,

Kathy Brockway
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Da Larry
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Re: December forum success stories!

Like many other forum members I've struggled with the infamous keyboard issues. Some (I know I should remember) suggested that the answer was getting a new keyboard with the Foxconn connecter. I bought one, it works fine (so far), well enough for me to feel comfortable passing my N5250 on to my daughter for Christmas to replace an ancient Compaq Armada.
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Re: December forum success stories!

Here's my success story...

For 6 long days, for 10 hours each day I struggled to find the solution to a sound problem with ac97 drivers and an xp fresh install.

I asked in every forum I could find. I downloaded every relavent driver and searched every manual, specifications table etc. I then tried this site and actually sat and waited for an answer. It came within 2 hours!

I downloaded the suggested software and now after 6 days of quietness I am appreciating the music more then ever before!!! You see, I am staying in a desert and there is nothing here but sand, more sand, and my computer...

Don't know what I would have done without you guys having organised it!

Thanks a stack. Great place and will be sure to help where I can.

thread was in Microsoft/general - ac 97 driver and xp
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