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Did I post something wrong?

Starry Night
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Did I post something wrong?

Hello Kathy,

In regard to,,0x092a9607df6ed711abdc0090277a778c,00.html (subject: Is there a way to contact the forum moderator privately?,) you told me that if I wish my other posts removed, "please attach the URL and post this information in the General Feedback area of these forums. Here's a link:,,432,00.html"

I did exactly what you told me and my posts I wish removed are still there. Did I do something wrong? Should I repost that message again. I still have got a copy of it.
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Re: Did I post something wrong?


I did receive your request, but unfortunately am unable to comply with it. Only posts that are duplicates, blanks or do not comply with the forum guidelines can be deleted.

I'm sorry about this; thanks, though, for your forum participation.

Take care,