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Duplicate profiles, who to call

Les L

Duplicate profiles, who to call

I first signed up to ITRC before *bizsupport* was in the URL and have used that profile for quite a while. Then when I was registering some HP software, it would not accept my creds and I had to create another profile. Now, depending on what ITRC forum I am on, I need to switch between my first profile (Les Ligetfalvy) and this one(Les L). Is there any way of amalgamating them so I can do everything with one? I would prefer to keep my first profile and transfer the software registration over to it. This is only my second post on this profile.

I scoured this site looking for where I could email for ITRC forum profile issues but came up empty.
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Re: Duplicate profiles, who to call

Use the "Contact HP" link at the upper left side of the screen, then "ask a question about using the IT resource center".

1. Select the relevant ITRC area:

2. How would you characterize your question:
Registration/Profile Management/Lost User IDs/Passwords

Enter the details and someone can assist you further.
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Les L

Re: Duplicate profiles, who to call

Thanks. I was suffering from the classic "you cannot get there from here" syndrome but did eventually find the yellow brick road and got to see the wizard.

Thanks again