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Forum ID Problems

Brown Charlie
Occasional Contributor

Forum ID Problems

Today I came back to the forum to ask a question. I have been here many times and each time I come, I have to develop an new Forum Name despite the fact that I have been using the same HP Password for many years. Where can I find someone in the vast HP universe who can look at all the various names I have used over the years and clean out the unused ones and get one decent id assigned to me?

Thanx for your help with this...Charlie Brown
CB pcapps Brown Charlie
Vajith V

Re: Forum ID Problems

Hi Brown,

We will certainly try to help you on this issue. I suggest you to use the current profile

[Broken link removed on 03-23-2017 by Admin]

 for future participation in the HPE Community forums. However if you want to participate in ITRC forums you should use a different user id, that you can choose at registration.

The general purpose of these two Forums is to serve different customers. ITRC Forums are visited mostly by support contract customers while BSC Forums by small business customers and end users.