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Forum URL Length

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Honored Contributor

Forum URL Length

What is the longest URL length you can use in this forum when sending someone a link? It appears that if the URL is more than one line it will mess up the reply.

I appear to have messed up the first Pavilion 6330 power supply thread.
Respected Contributor

Re: Forum URL Length

I don't know the exact amount of characters...but it seems you can send a pinch more than two lines...

I have done this before...sent a long url...

Just my two cents!
Alex P
Honored Contributor

Re: Forum URL Length

I was hoping that one of the forum moderators would have an exact answer for this.

Alex I notice you have a 3 line URL in one of your replies today. Mine was less than 3 lines and it blew up the reply. What is the difference?
Honored Contributor

Re: Forum URL Length

Hi Peter,

I do not have the exact length of a link that this forum will accept, but I know it's quite a bit longer than the one you attempted to link this morning.

I have seen this before, and it usually happens because the link provided ends in an "=" sign as yours does. I have edited your original post to remove this "="... it looks fine now!

Thanks for your forum participation and assistance.

Take care,

Forum Administrator
Honored Contributor

Re: Forum URL Length

Thanks Kathy!