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Forum success stories - September 2002

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Forum success stories - September 2002

Hi Everyone,

I would appreciate it if you posted your highlights and successes you've had while using these Business Customer Discussion Groups during September, 2002. This ongoing (monthly) thread tries to capture the successes of forums members. For example, have you:

1. Posted a question and received a key answer that solved your problem?

2. Viewed a message thread that another forum member posted that had a solution to a problem you were trying to solve?

3. Found these discussion groups to be of particular help in sharing information, exchanging best practices, or saving you time?

I'd really like to hear from everyone -- your circumstances, the issue(s), the outcome, who was of help, time saved, etc.!

If you have examples to share, please provide the URL of the thread if possible. Thanks in advance for your input!

Best Regards,

Kathy Brockway
Forum Administrator

Re: Forum success stories - September 2002

I have found this forum to be an especially good source of information relative to presales consultation. In one instance I was able to use it to determine how to configure a Virtual Array 7400 sale. A customer was worried about performance issues, and was considering IBM Storage as an alternative.

I forwarded them PDF files and white papers, but when I forwarded them some links to the ITRC discussion threads and they realized the value of this community, I got the sale in a heartbeat. It was nearly 300K in servers and storage, for a complete solution.

Here's just one of many links I sent the customer.,,0xbc711cc6003bd6118fff0090279cd0f9,00.html

And then there was this one...,,0x00449f5b3d4fd61190030090279cd0f9,00.html

I've just started donating some of my time to the community. It's tough because I'm married with two girls, and they want all of my time. Yesterday (Sunday), I racked up 19 points just genuinely trying to put my "two cents" in. I was surprised to see a couple of very knowledgeable, and very decorated, members swoop in and add to the threads that I first replied to. It is an amazing forum, fully searchable, with all kinds of answers to the most obscure technology anomalies. I love it!!!

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