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Forum systems unusable

Rainald T
Honored Contributor

Forum systems unusable

In the ITRC forum

I posted the following:
It's been like HELL again today.
It was bad enough yesterday already.
But it was even worse today (if in the grammar of the English language there's a case of inclination of "worse").

I tried to get through during several hours in the morning.
To no avail.
Tried it again in the afternoon.
To no avail.
Tried it again in the evening.
To no avail.

Tried it again right now (3:00 AM over here).
Could get through just once.
Failed with three dozens of others attempts.

It's absolutely unbearable!!!!!!!!

Last week I have been honoured with the "sunglasses" (highest category of point awards in the Business Supports Forums area ).
But I will stop doing anything in the HP fora anymore, should the lack of performance stay as it is at present.

Tina Rönnlöv
Honored Contributor

Re: Forum systems unusable

I could not agree more! I have had problem for days now, lockups and absolutely impossible to get any threads answered.
Very frustrating...
and when i have written an answer, looked up links etc..and when trying to post way to get it posted. Sigh...wasted time..

Hope it will be better SOON!

Have a good day...

reg. Tina
Learn something new - every day
Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: Forum systems unusable

Hi Rainald and Tina,

Apologies for the performance issues last week, we performed some essential maintenance and upgrades during the downtime on friday night, this will address the recent issues,

thanks again for all your help,

Rainald T
Honored Contributor

Re: Forum systems unusable

Thnaks for the reply, Gary.
It was really terrible.
Let's hope that it will be better in the future.