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HP editing of posts

Valued Contributor

HP editing of posts

I've noticed that HP is now editing posts that contain language of "legal action" against them, where it is considered "inappropriate."

While I agree with editing out offensive language, I do not agree with editing out any other types of comments.

What will HP do next? Edit out any comments that involve hardware or software problems with their machines?

If you are going to have a forum to help people who spent money on HP products, I believe that you should not start arbitrarily editing their posts according to what HP does not want to read, or what HP does not want their customers to read.

Is the forum here to help owners of HP products, or is it only here at HP's convenience?

Just my two cents...
Honored Contributor

Re: HP editing of posts

Hi Robert,

I do appreciate your forum feedback, but must remind you that these forums are provided free of charge by HP for the use of business customers. They are intended for these customers to exchange best practices and technical advice while using their HP products in a business environment. These forums are not intended to become "chat rooms" or similar...

HP Legal Counsel has advised us to remove posts that contain the threat of legal action; that type of behavior is not what the forums' intention is.

As you will notice, many non-positive remarks about HP and our products are left on the forums. We do not intend to censor all posts to make them positive; we will, however, continue to edit and/or delete posts that contain abusive language, are simply chat room behavior or mention/threaten legal action.

I hope you understand our position.

Take care,

Forum Administrator
Steve Huffer
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Re: HP editing of posts

My 2 cents is that your legal counsel should just stop and think what it would look like to a jury that you chose to edit out posts that mention legal action, even in the calmest most rational way. From what I have seen you have a few "situations" brewing on your products, particularly consumer laptops that I don't see any real effort to solve.
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