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Is this normal?

Jon Howells
Occasional Contributor

Is this normal?

A little over a month after purchasing a HP550 laptop it developed a fault with display screen. After speaking to HP Support (india) and explaining the fault in excrutiaing detail (row of dead pixels across screen) was assured that it would be repaired under warranty.
UPS arrived the next day arrived to collect and take it to Poland for the repair.

Now according to the Polish repair folk, the UPS courier failed to put my laptop in the special packing that they (HP) specify & provide and blames me the client for this..go figure.

Now because the packaging was incorrect, the warranty is void and I have to pay the full cost of repair, shipping and taxes.

It is now day 12 of the affiar since the laptop arrived in Poland and they only asked for my credit card details the day before, they claim the repaired item will be dispatched back to England in 48hrs.

Watch this space...