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June 2003 forum success stories needed!

Honored Contributor

June 2003 forum success stories needed!

Hi Everyone,

I would appreciate it if you posted the highlights and successes you've had while using these Business Customer Discussion Groups during June of 2003. This ongoing (monthly) thread tries to capture the successes of forums members. For example, have you:

1. Posted a question and received a key answer that solved your problem?

2. Viewed a message thread that another forum member posted that had a solution to a problem you were trying to solve?

3. Found these discussion groups to be of particular help in sharing information, exchanging best practices, or saving you time?

I'd really like to hear from everyone -- your circumstances, the issue(s), the outcome, who was of help, time saved, etc.!

If you have examples to share, please provide the URL of the thread if possible. Thanks in advance for your input!

Best Regards,

Kathy Brockway
Forum Manager

Re: June 2003 forum success stories needed!

Hi Kathy,

I have posted problems several times this past year with no results. However I have posted to others who were having difficulties and this to me is the other half of the equation in making these groups effective.

I recently observed a posting regarding the Colorado 20GB external drive and making it work with XP. I downloaded the advice and will observe it's caveats regarding implementing it, should I risk upgrading to XP. I don't relish losing my big investment in tapes and the drive itself as it now operates merrily on 98SE, which in a few more days will be officially extinct.

That aside, I find the Forum interesting and because of HP's extensive product mix, there is always plenty of interesting stuff to be learned. Good luck to you and the staff responsible for taking care of business and keep up the good work!!

de BillyLapTop
Strong Back and a Weak Mind