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Just a suggestion HP but...

Occasional Advisor

Just a suggestion HP but...

Why not have a forum per iPaq model? Otherwise 99% of posts are irrelevant to the owner of a specific model. You can't find anything on here.

Re: Just a suggestion HP but...

Thanks for the suggestion. We will take it under consideration.

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Re: Just a suggestion HP but...

I often read posts about other models.
Solutions regarding other models may give insight about my model.

For example, the problem might be with Windows Mobile 5, not the hardware in particular.

Also, a screen alignment hack that I discovered on a Palm, even works on pocket PC's.

So, I would suggest more people describe the problem better in the subject line.

I will NOT open threads that only have a model name in the subject line.
But, the kind of n00bs who do that probably aren't reading this thread.
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Re: Just a suggestion HP but...

Oh, and you shouldn't just be browsing to find solutions here.

Do a search.

Also, if you subscribe to get a daily email telling you of new topics in the ipaq forum, you will be exposed to more information.
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Re: Just a suggestion HP but...

I'm not browsing. The thing is with so many models out there your post just disappears down to page 10+ in a matter of days. Then, as with all forums, nobody tends to see it and respond.

If I own an HP 210, I would like to see just issues related to the HP 210 series. This is going to be far more relevant to me, especially as the 210 is running newer version of WM than older models.

As it is I cannot see the wood for the trees and search does not help. There are so many ways to phrase a problem that you are likely to miss a vital post.

Most other forums break it down by model. Then have generic forums as well for,say, WM5 WM6 etc.
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Re: Just a suggestion HP but...

I see your point.

But, some of us do subscribe to the ipaq forum.
I scan the email and see if anything interests me.
A lot of days I don't come here.

But, those people who have icons by their name and really contribute here probably don't miss much.

I just did a search for my model number and there are less than 100 threads ever.

Seems this place would get even more fractured if people only commented on their own models.