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Lightbulb feedback needed!

Honored Contributor

Lightbulb feedback needed!

Hello All,

In the next few months, we are considering adding some new lightbulb levels to the point structure of these Business Customer Discussion Groups.

Although no timeframe has been set for this, I would appreciate a post in this thread if anyone has any ideas for these new levels. Thanks in advance for everyone's time and creativity.

For more information on the point structure of these forums, please visit:|*?Page=file0002

Have a great day,

Forum Administrator
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Re: Lightbulb feedback needed!

Hi Kathy,

If you are going to extend it in the direction the other side of the house is going (i.e. Olympians) well and good. If you are going the other way with smaller graduations between levels then I think that is a Bad Idea.

Also, I think HP needs to get involved with making sure points get awarded. A TANSTAAFL policy as it were with 25 responses or 10% which ever is larger being the cutoff. Furthermore a hall of shame might not be such a bad idea.

Personally, I refuse to answer questions for people who don't give points and I post why I'm not answering their question.