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Links to petition deleted?

Lutz Bendlin
Honored Contributor

Links to petition deleted?

Are the below accusations true? If yes, what was your reason for the deletions?
Prof Julie
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Links to petition deleted?

It is true. I saw the threads and the links and then within a few hours they were gone. I also noted several threads inquiring about WM6.0 were deleted.

These threads seem rather benign to me and so deleting them seemed pretty heavy handed to me.
Prof Julie | Microsoft MVP Windows Phone Consumer
Vajith V

Re: Links to petition deleted?

Hi Lutz,

Welcome to Forums.

The message was edited to adhere to the Forum guidelines. A petition or link to a legal petition will be removed. As you know, the forums are a meeting place for peers "to solve problems, exchange ideas, and learn best practices from peers." It is not a place to post a call to legal action against HP. This is stated in the forums guidelines agreed to upon registration -- "A posting that is deemed not acceptable may be edited and/or removed without notice at the discretion of HP. Examples of such posts include:

(1) Off-topic comments not related to a technical issue regarding an HP product or related business support issue.
(2) "Rants", "slams", or legal threats against HP or another company or competitor, similar to "chat room" behavior.