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MY Post was edited BY HP ADMIN??

David Dudzinski
Occasional Visitor

MY Post was edited BY HP ADMIN??

I posted under the name HPnot4me....I mentioned folks to consider Class Action regarding this bad CD drive being a known problem with no action by HP other than buying a new CD burner. Kind of reminds me of the old Ford Pinto......

THANKS for editing my post HP. I see you all are looking but not acting upon your customers needs and problems.
Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: MY Post was edited BY HP ADMIN??

Hi David,

This Forum is intended as a peer to peer problem solving resource....

As it says in the Forums Guidelines

"A posting that is deemed not acceptable may be edited and/or removed without notice at the discretion of HP. Examples of such posts include:

Rants , slams , or legal threats against HP or another company or competitor, similar to chat room behavior.

There are customer care departments worldwide who are in a much better position to get your problem resolved.

Thanks for your understanding,