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Need moderator help - possible corrupt profile

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Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Need moderator help - possible corrupt profile

I've just managed to log in here for the first time today to post this. I had originally posted at the Moderator Intervention forum at the ITRC requesting help because I could not log in here to post; however they're unwilling to help. Note that I verified no cookies are being blocked at any point in this process.

Stage 1 ??? this morning:

Originally my forums' (ITRC and BSC) email address was That was also my user name at BSC for Passport.

We've discontinued that address here, so I changed my email address at the forums to my email over a year ago; however my Passport login remained the admin email address.

Usually, my logins both here and at BSC are saved and don't require me to enter a user name and password.

However this morning BSC required me to log in.

It would not accept my login after several tries. I am sure I was entering the user name and password correctly. I then clicked the forgot password link. It required me to enter both my user name and email address. I entered the admin email as my user name and the patf email as my email address. It would not accept that.

On a hunch, I tried the patf email address for both the user name and email blocks. Successful. I received the change password email from passport. Followed the instructions and changed the password using the patf email as the user name since it accepted that as above.

Also successful.

However, I then tried logging in to BSC using the patf email and the new password. It would not let me in. I've tried all combinations of the old and new user names and the old and new passwords, and I cannot log in. It just presents me with an endless series of log in screens.

Except that if I connect to a BSC post from today's new forums discussions email, and if I attempt to log in from the user name and password block at the upper left of the page, USING THE OLD USER NAME AND PASSWORD, it shows me logged in, with the display showing
Edit your profile
Forums name:
Pat Flanagan

However, if I attempt to connect to my profile or reply to a post, I'm again presented with a log in screen and cannot log in with any of the combinations. It just keeps showing the log in screen.

I'd really appreciate anything you can to do help.

Stage 2 (around noon my time, GMT -7:00):

It's getting even weirder.

Somehow, the password retrieval using patf email as the user name (since admin email would not work or be recognized), which gave me a link to change the password, created a whole new profile for me.

I received a response email on a BSC thread that I had requested notification on. I didn't notice it was BSC or I wouldn't have tried to reply. This is the thread:

Typed out a reply and submitted it. As I was waiting for the reply to post, I noticed that it showed me logged in with a new profile (see top image in the attachment), which shows my new profile name as Pat F and the patf email address.

My prior existing BSC profile showed the profile name Pat Flanagan and the admin email address.

After the reply posted, the bottom image in the attachment came up thanking me for my FIRST reply in the forums.

I then clicked the Edit your profile link, and again was presented with a log in screen for Passport, which would not let me log in with any of the combinations.

Obviously, I want the Pat F profile gone, and the Pat Flanagan profile restored (the one associated with the user name).

If I view my profile at the ITRC, it still shows the points for the Pat Flanagan profile at the BSC, so that profile must be still around somewhere. I just can't get in to it.

Thanks for any help you can give. This is really frustrating.

Stage 3: Now (roughly 01:58 GMT as I'm typing this).

A moderator posted a reply to my request for help at the ITRC Moderator Intervention thread stating that it was an inappropriate place to post.

I tried once again to get in to BSC. I connected to the BSC Home page, chose the Feedback and forums usage questions\business support forums section, and amazingly, it showed me logged in with the correct account, the admin email, and Pat Flanagan as the user. It appears to be allowing me to start a new thread without kicking me out. I guess I'll know for sure when I submit this.

This behavior is so strange and has never happened to me before, that I'm not sure why it's happening, but I'd really appreciate your help resolving it.

Again, my goal is to remove the Pat F profile, and to restore the Pat Flanagan profile (the one associated with the user name) to full functionality.

Please help.

Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Re: Need moderator help - possible corrupt profile


I've been experimenting more.

If I go to an existing thread and reply, I'm logged in automatically. I get to that thread by clicking a link in the daily new forums discussions email.


If I click Edit your profile from that thread, I'm presented with a log in screen, and it won't accept my credentials. I just get one log in screen after another.

If I connect independently to the BSC forums from the home page I have saved in favorites, it does not show me logged in. If I attempt to log in from the boxes near the upper left of the page, I cannot log in.

I think it is in fact logging me in, but the page does not transition to where I'm trying to go. It simply takes me back to another log in screen.

Thanks for any help you can give,
Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: Need moderator help - possible corrupt profile

Hi Pat,

Thanks for reporting this. I'll pass all the detail onto the administrators,


Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Re: Need moderator help - possible corrupt profile

Thanks Gary. We can always count on you.

Whatever the problem was might have resolved itself.

Today, when I followed the link in the response email for your reply, it showed me not logged in. Rather than trying to log in, I clicked Reply. Then it did show me logged in.

I was then able to follow the Edit your profile link and actually get to my profile for the first time since my first report of this. As stated, earlier attempts just took me to an endless series of log in pages.

Thanks again, and I'll keep testing this. As of right now, it appears to be OK, but if that changes, I'll post any future problems.