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New Business Customer Discussion Group categories!

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New Business Customer Discussion Group categories!

Hi All,

As part of the migration of the Compaq Support Forum discussions to the Business Customer Discussion Groups, new thread categories have been created. You may have noticed them, but following is a list of newly created discussion areas (Family-Category) intended specifically for Compaq-related product:

Desktops & Workstations - Business PC's - Deskpro, EVO, Professional:,,271,00.html

Desktops & Workstations - Workstations - EVO, Professional:,,272,00.html

Mobile Products - Handhelds, iPaq, Aero:,,273,00.html

Mobile Products - Notebooks - Armada, EVO, LTE and other notebooks:,,274,00.html

Related discussions from the Compaq forums will move into the above new categories in about a week. However, these new areas are open for new threads now!

Again, please welcome the new members who were participating in what was previously the Compaq Support Forums ... and if you have Compaq product expertise, add the new categories to your list of areas to peruse!

Take care,

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Re: New Business Customer Discussion Group categories!

Welcome ALL

Why should I bother ? The problem will be gone with the next release ...
Jane Bonwell_3
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Re: New Business Customer Discussion Group categories!

Dear Kathy: It would be a very great advantage if all my E-mail from HP would be sent to my new E-mail address, It began to be sent to me, then stopped. Help! (Jane Bonwell)
almost doesn't count
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Re: New Business Customer Discussion Group categories!

Hi Jane,

If you wish to change the e-mail address for messages originating from these forums (i.e. daily report, message notifiers, etc.), you should click on the "my profile" option on the left hand side of any forum screen. Once there select the "view or modify contact information" option to change your e-mail address. Then click "submit" at the bottom of that page to update your profile.

If the e-mails you're receiving are from another part of HP, I would go to the following site to update that information:

I hope this helps,

Forum Manager