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New Community Forum Observations

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New Community Forum Observations

Well the new forum has been in use for a little while and I have a few observations.


1. It would appear it must be more difficult to post to the forum since the number or new posts, especially in the Printing and Digital Section has fallen off considerably. Previously there were at least 50 new items per day to the section and now you are lucky to see 20.


2. The system of Kudos is not working. I see two reasons. Previously users were given points by the original poster when they solved or at least got them started towards solving their issue. It appears now that most people do not know how to give Kudos since if you look at all the solved posts no one has been given a Kudo. Also the Kudos system does no allow for users to try to reach a certain level of recognition. Previously when you got a certain number of points you were awarded with a icon for that level. There is no incentive since there are no levels to try to reach.


3. Still no area within one's profile or on the main page for a listing of their questions. All you list is posted items but there is a big difference between responses to other people's questions and questions one posts themselves. I can still not find my questions unless I remember the subject and then do a search which is a pain.


4. The All Topics section is still not in order. When a person goes to a section of the Forum such as Printing and Digital Imaging they should be able to find a listing of all posts in the order of the last post not a mess of posted with the first yesterday and the second 5 hours ago. Also on the old board we could refine the way the post was listed such as posts with no replies.


5. The image upload issue has not be addressed. You say in your help that we can upload images under something call my images. Well my images does not exits. The Avatar is nice but it would be even better if we could upload our own image to be used as an Avatar.


Hope some of these can be addressed.