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New forums available for HP Consumer products

Neighborhood Admin

New forums available for HP Consumer products

We would like to make the BSC peer-to-peer community aware of a new hp forum that has just gone live - available @ This new forum is focused specifically on hp Consumer products.

We realize there may be some confusion now as to which forum to utilize; since we already had two (this Business Support forum site, and the IT Resource Center forums), the new site now brings us to three unique forum experiences.

The way to consider the three forum sites is this : the new Consumer site is focused on products that would be used at home, or in a home office. The BSC site is focused on Commercial HP products, used in a small to medium sized businesses. And the ITRC is obviously an Enterprise-centric forum, where we expect the majority of the participants to be IT professionals. There is obviously some cross-over between the segments; it's not a perfect delineation. The good news is that we'll have users in all areas positioned to help their peers, so our hope is that people will still find answers regardless of where they post.

While the new forums will now take the place of a few existing BSC forums, we won't actually be removing any forums from either the BSC or ITRC forum sites - we don't want to lose the historical information in the existing forums; there's been a lot of great information shared over the years.

Please let me know if you have any questions not answered here - and if you have questions/feedback/comments about the new forum site, they have a "Forum Feedback and Suggestions" forum there for those very types of discussions. I know they would welcome anything you'd like to pass along!
I work for HPE.
Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Re: New forums available for HP Consumer products

Just wanted to post a link to a discussion thread we have going on this at the ITRC.

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Rainald T
Honored Contributor

Re: New forums available for HP Consumer products

Thanks once more, Pat!