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No daily notifications

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Neighborhood Admin

Re: No daily notifications

Pat - thanks for the follow-up. I agree that 50 results is pretty limiting - that's something I've already raised with the search team. For future releases, we'll see if that's something that can be improved. Can't make any promises, but know that it's on our list!
I work for HPE.
Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Re: No daily notifications


Thank you,
Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Re: No daily notifications

Same problem is recurring. I haven't received a Notifications email since the one for New HP Forum Discussions for Tue Mar 24 22:19:48 GMT 2009.

I'd like to make a suggestion. Since the last go around, I found out there's a thread here for Moderator attention, begun by Handy6 some time ago. The moderators do monitor the thread, and I'd like to suggest that (1) Rainald, if you're still subscribed, please close this thread, and (2) that we pick up the discussion in the Moderator action needed thread here:

Rainald T
Honored Contributor

Re: No daily notifications

Thanks for psoting the re-occurance of the problem.
I can confirm it :-( :-(

Will check the proposed thread.

Thanks again
David M. Mason
Frequent Advisor

Re: No daily notifications

Same for me again.
Last e-mail notification was 3/24.
It seems when one user gets dropped, we all get dropped.
I looked at the other thread and wasn't sure if it was the proper place for this info.