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Our online community is growing!

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Our online community is growing!

Hi Everyone,

The merger of HP and Compaq has brought together a wide customer base. In an effort to better serve our mutual customers, applicable discussion categories in the current Compaq Support Forum will be migrating to the Business Customer Discussion Groups forum in mid-October! This means that these forums will expand to include areas for discussion on Compaq products.

New Compaq product categories will be created within the existing discussion family areas in about 4 weeks or so. Not long after, the previously posted messages in the Compaq Support Forum will be migrated into the new categories for searching and reference. New discussions can begin to occur as soon as the new categories are created.

Once the migration occurs, please help us in welcoming our Compaq product users to these forums (some of you may already be here)! We believe that as our community grows, forums users will be able to draw from an even greater pool of knowledge and experience than before. If you manage both HP and Compaq products, these forums will now become an even more valuable point of entry for support.

As always, your feedback is more than welcome to ensure that these forums are beneficial to everyone.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Our online community is growing!

Long Life to HP Members Forums!!!

Quando você tem uma meta apaixonante , o que era obstáculo passa a ser etapa.

Re: Our online community is growing!

HP - Compaq - Others ( Yes they exist ! )

Never mind where we come from

We're all "happy" forumers !!!


Why should I bother ? The problem will be gone with the next release ...