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Please Submit Your Forum Success Stories for February 2004!

Honored Contributor

Please Submit Your Forum Success Stories for February 2004!

Hi Everyone,

I would appreciate it if you posted the highlights and successes you've had while using the Business Support Forums. For example, have you:

1. Posted a question and received a key answer that solved your problem?

2. Viewed a message thread that another forum member posted that had a solution to a problem you were trying to solve?

3. Found these discussion groups to be of particular help in sharing information, exchanging best practices, or saving you time?

I'd really like to hear from everyone -- your circumstances, the issue(s), the outcome, who was of help, time saved, etc.!

If you have examples to share, please provide the URL of the thread if possible. Thanks in advance for your input!

Best Regards,

Kathy Brockway
Forum Manager
Regular Advisor

Re: Please Submit Your Forum Success Stories for February 2004!

Kathy I would like you to read this Tread Mobile products | notebooks - Armada, EVO, LTE, Tablet PC | Con Fig Sys, and for give us if we stayed a little but look to see what I think is OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE of free HELP and Post my response
Thank You
Jeff Blair
Steve Huffer
You have been a GREAT HELP and a beam of light thru the storm the past few days and nights. You said that you would stick thru it with me and you have, even when I could tell that you were getting frustrated with a beginner that thought he was a novice. You made the process as pain less as possible be supplying every thing I need with the Quick link Attachments for me to down load.
I now have the confidence to bring 4220 T back form disk death (Paper Weight Statues) If I have to. I am going to to print out the tread save to disk in case and store the floppy setup and driver disk we made in my Lap Top brief case I case I ever need to do this again.
You are a man of your word and I can not thank you enough for all the hours it took you and the others to help me with my problem.
I'm not very good with words so I hope that this is a humble showing of my appreciation for your HELP!!
I would also like to thank Rainald Taesler even if I did decimate the world's rabbit-population. You were a part of solution also. (Hope I did not offend you)! and Ron Kinner
along with the H P forum site for this is a GREAT TOOL to let people help them selves learn about these little black magic boxes we call computers, this saved me a tidee sum of cash and I have it the way I want my Lap Top Computer.
I am going to submit this to the H P web site for special consideration.
Thanks again
Sincerely Jeff Blair