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Please delete this spam thread

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Prof Julie
Outstanding Contributor

Please delete this spam thread

John Y
Honored Contributor

Re: Please delete this spam thread

I just noticed your new shades P-Julie, Congratulations! I know you earned the them, the old fashion way, with hard work.

Vajith V

Re: Please delete this spam thread

Hi Julie,

Requested spam thread has been removed from HP forums.

And special thanks to John for posting this great info here. Congratulations Julie! Thanks for all the contributions you've made to HP Forums Community.


Prof Julie
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Please delete this spam thread

Thanks John! It looks like you'll be getting some glasses pretty soon!

As you know, it takes quite a lot of hours posting here to get the sunglasses, but my passion has not diminished at all. I really love pocket pcs and I've learned so much by participating in the forums here. I am always challenged to learn new things by the questions that get posted.

And thanks Vajith (and the rest of the moderators here) for all that you do to keep the forums running clean. I would not enjoy myself so much and probably would not have stuck around if the forums were not so well moderated.

Prof Julie | Microsoft MVP Windows Phone Consumer