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Searching posted messages for keywords

R.S. Lynn
Occasional Advisor

Searching posted messages for keywords

I posted, or thought I did, a question on this subject, but cannot find it. I have no quarrel with a moderator pulling a post, but I can't imagine why that would happen to my (unanswered) bona fide request for information.
WHAT is the functionality for searching through the large body of posts looking for a specific topic? The corpus is truly enormous, and subjects as displayed do not always reveal the nature of the posts.

Valued Contributor

Re: Searching posted messages for keywords

Hi R.S. Lynn,

I believe you were referring to the below thread:

To search for your posts there are two ways:
(i) You can use the "search feature" as suggested by Ty in the link above or
(ii) Please login to your profile, click on "my profile" under tasks in the left, then click "view or modify forums profile". You can search for your queries and replies under "my questions" and "my responses" respectively.

The same "search feature" can be used to search for "specific topic" threads. Yes, subject sometimes does not reveal the exact information, however this depends upon the author who posts the thread.

Please let us know, if you still face any problems.


PS: This thread was moved from Laserjet category to Feedback category.