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Site Search Issue

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Site Search Issue

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Arguably, the most important feature of a site like this is the search function. This site is essentially does not have a search engine. If I do a search for hpqmiex with this site's search dialog it comes up with 2 results. If I use Google and search for hpqmiex in the domain I get 8,310. If I do a Google search within I get 154 results. Only 2 if using the search engine here? WHAT? Just like any other situation where I've come to HP support to solve a problem, you're encouraged to provide your own time and effort to repair problems instead of having a 'tech' look at the situation. Nice business model. If you're HP that is. And that's only valid for short term strategies. C'ya.


Re: Site Search Issue

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Hi Mike,


Thanks for your feedback. We will forward your issue to Forums management.


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